You’ve probably heard the tale of the never-ending kitchen remodel. Sometimes it seems like you could plant a tree, watch it grow, and it would still be in the planning stage of kitchen renovation. But how long should it really take? You want a new kitchen but you don’t want to be waiting for many years. For those of us who love to dissect the facts of such projects, or for those of you who are about to undertake one, the following guide will take out some of the guesswork. 

We’re going to go through the kitchen remodel steps and what you can expect from the process. Remember, a home remodeling contractor in Scottsdale has contacts in the industry and will provide an estimated timeline before your project begins. So, how long does it take to remodel a kitchen?

Remodel a Kitchen

Slicing Through the Time Estimates

Size Matters

Unsurprisingly, the size, layout, and age of your kitchen can significantly impact your renovation time. If you’re working with a galley kitchen from the 60s, you’re probably not just dealing with avocado green appliances; there’s likely some plumbing and wiring that’s due for an update too. Conversely, an open plan, new-build kitchen is more about personalizing than overhauling.

The Full Scope

Scoping out your project is important – you can’t just pick up a hammer and start. Do you want a basic cabinet swap or a top-to-bottom transformation, including re-routed gas lines for that chef’s stove? Your vision for the space largely determines the time needed, where radical changes to the layout or significant structural work can add weeks, if not months, to your project.

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Material Matters

Have you picked out that rare marble countertop that requires transportation from Italy? Or are you selecting sturdy, local materials known for their resilience, affordability (relatively), and ease of availability? Your choice here can mean the difference between a two-week import or a one-hour ride to the local supplier.

Contractor Conundrums

The keystone of your project is your builder or remodeling contractor. Their other projects, the availability of their key personnel, and even the weather can throw a spanner in your works. To minimize delays, find a contractor who can start within your desired window and has a reputation for keeping on track.

Remodel Kitchen

The Granular Timeline


The pre-game phase involves budgeting, obtaining permits, and wrestling with the wild ideas of what your kitchen should be. This phase alone can take 1-3 months, depending on required approvals and if you ask your contractor’s opinion about every shade of white paint.


With permits in hand, the next step is material selection and finalizing designs. This cozy phase, with its demolition day YouTube marathons, can take 2-6 months depending on your dedication to the search for the perfect faucet.

remodeling a kitchen in Scottsdale


This is when the hammers meet the drywall, and sometimes, unexpectedly, the water. On average, demolition and the start of construction will take 1-2 weeks but plan for a six-pack and a few good pizza nights all the same.


The construction phase varies greatly but usually lasts 2-4 months. This is where your kitchen comes together — sometimes in a flash of masterful work, other times in a lingering toil of installation work.

    Kitchen Remodel in Arizona


    Finally, we have the finishing touches, which can take 1-3 weeks, or as long as you keep changing your mind about hardware choices.

    How long does a kitchen remodel take? Generally, partnering with experts is the route to a faster remodel. On the whole, a kitchen remodel can take anywhere from several months to a year, based on all these factors. The key is to understand that every kitchen is unique and so will be its remodeling timeline. Now go, be brave, and cook up that kitchen of your dreams!