We specialize in crafting bonus rooms that epitomize versatility, comfort, and personalization. Bonus rooms are a canvas for creativity, offering endless possibilities for functional and stylish spaces. Explore the five most important aspects we prioritize when designing your bonus room.


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Versitility and Functionality. 

Our designs focus on versatility and flexibility, ensuring that your bonus room can seamlessly transform into a home office, a guest room, a playroom, or whatever else your lifestyle demands. We incorporate flexible furniture and smart storage solutions to make your bonus room adaptable to your evolving needs.

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Comfort is Key. 

Comfort is at the core of our bonus room designs. Regardless of the room’s function, we select comfortable seating, appropriate lighting, and climate control options. We introduce cozy textures like plush rugs and throw blankets to make the space inviting and enjoyable, ensuring that your bonus room is a place where you can relax and unwind. Click here for some pendant light ideas. 

Storage Solutions. 

Effective storage is crucial in bonus room design. Our designs incorporate storage furniture like bookshelves, cabinets, or built-in shelving units to keep the space organized and clutter-free. We offer customized storage solutions that maximize functionality without compromising on aesthetics, ensuring that your bonus room remains both stylish and practical.

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Style and Personalization. 

We believe that your bonus room should reflect your unique style and personality. Our designers work closely with you to choose a design style and decor that align with your taste and the room’s intended use. We encourage personalization with meaningful decor elements, such as artwork, family photos, or decor items that speak to your interests and passions.

Technology Integration.

For bonus rooms designed for entertainment or work, technology integration is a key consideration. Our designs plan for proper wiring and outlets to accommodate devices like TVs, computers, and gaming consoles. We take care to conceal cords and cables, maintaining a tidy and organized appearance that complements the room’s aesthetics.  Let us elevate your Arizona home with emotion-evoking Interior Design.

Your picture-perfect dream home is so much closer than you think. From initial concept to the final touches, our team works to bring your vision to life for your bonus room to life and ensure a seamless flow from your living room interior design.