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Your home is a space where you relax after a long day of work, make memories with family, celebrate birthdays, and make some of life’s biggest decisions. Everyone deserves to fall in love with their surroundings. Whether you’ve just moved into a new property or want to breathe new life into your existing space, contact Living with Lolo for experienced and passionate remodeling contractors in Scottsdale. 

Don’t think that remodeling will require you to take lots of time off work because we’ll work around you. We take care of every single detail, big and small, so you have the peace of mind that your home is in good hands. We’re passionate about creating spaces that aren’t just functional but make people proud to live in their homes.

To contact the very best Scottsdale remodeling contractors, feel free to call 480-702-1189, email, or book a consultation online. We’d love to hear from you – there’s no obligation to go ahead with anything. Just tell us your dreams and desires and learn our processes and what we’ll do to help you. 

The good news is that we have the resources and capabilities to help anyone in the United States. If you’re in Arizona and like to work in person with professionals, we’re nearby and can make this happen. If you’re farther afield, we can generate fantastic results virtually and travel as needed. Don’t think that you’re sacrificing anything by working with a company on the other side of the country because virtual gets the same brilliant results when you choose Living with Lolo.


Our Portfolio - Scottsdale, AZ Home Remodeling Contractors

We’ve worked in a variety of homes over the years and with an array of tastes and preferences. We listen to our clients and try to achieve the perfect image they have in their minds. Here are a couple of examples of successful projects:

One Hundred Hills – Full Home Redesign

Sleek and unique is how we like to describe this one. As you can see, we redesigned the space and made it look cozy, luxurious, and functional. The statement pieces catch the eye and make an impact.





Added custom height and width cabinetry to fill in the blank space beside the fireplace.


Duplicated the rug in this seating area with the rug under the dining table in the space for a unified feel.


Kept the existing fireplace and made it the focal point by adding all lighter pieces to make a dramatic impact.


Added a chic metal coffee table to add both interest and a new texture to the neutral space with an added touch of luxe.


Added custom large scale chairs to properly furnish the large space, and make it feel balanced.

The fireplace is beautiful in this home, but it wasn’t getting the attention it deserved. By adding lighter details to the room, it became the focal point. Texture is important in any room, and this is the role of the table here. With a chic metal coffee table, we added both function and style. 

Elsewhere, the custom large chairs add balance and the stunning rug brings the whole design together. We were even able to add custom cabinetry for function and to shoulder the fireplace and draw the eye to the centerpiece even more.

Hidden Hills – Full Home Renovation

Many homeowners contact a remodeling contractor in Scottsdale because they want a more functional and practical space, and this was the case in this Hidden Hills renovation. Not only is the resulting space chic and sophisticated, but it’s also child-friendly.


kichan design


Interior Designer Arizona


Added custom floor to ceiling cabinets to maximize storage & functionality.



Added performance fabric to the counter stools for longevity of wear and peace of mind with spills and stains.



Added a workstation sink for the ultimate multitasker to maximize the workflow in the kitchen.



Added a hidden pantry to accomadate extra stroage needs in a kitchen without a traditional pantry space.



Layered lighting to ensure every kitchen task + party has an abundance of functional light.

Lighting is essential in a kitchen space, and poor choices are often noticeable. Here, we went for layered lighting to ensure plenty of functional light whether it’s cooking the everyday dinner or entertaining the extended family. The floor-to-ceiling cabinets make full use of the available space without compromising the look or making the room feel cramped – a common problem in kitchens. 

We also took care of the small decisions, such as the counter stools’ performance fabric. Spills and mishaps happen in the kitchen, so this addition meant that the materials would last the test of time.

Your Home

We’d love for your home to be the next one in our portfolio as remodeling contractors in Scottsdale, AZ. Bring your dream to life and make it a reality with our dedicated team. Whether you have a clear vision of what you want in your home or lack inspiration, our experience and knowledge will allow us to help. Don’t be afraid to call us to ask questions and get the ball rolling – you don’t need to be an interior design expert to explain what you want from your home, that’s our job.

Common Questions for Remodeling Companies in Scottsdale

What Is Needed To Get Started? What Does The Process Look Like?

If you lead a busy life and worry about the commitment required for a home renovation project, you’ll be glad to hear that we’ve optimized our services to need very little of your time. We ask for an intro call so we can learn about you, your home, and your hopes. From here, we’ll take the time to learn about your preferences and gather photos of your space. After this, we’ll look after every small detail for you. We work with people from all sorts of busy professions (and even celebrities), so we won’t let remodeling become a burden.

How Does Pricing Work?

Before starting anything, we’ll work together to create an investment guide. In other words, we don’t just spend money and expect you to pay the bill. You’ll know the cost of the project from the outset. Even before ordering, we’ll provide an invoice so you can review everything. Choose the budget that feels right and don’t be afraid to lean on our expertise if you have questions.

Who Will Handle The Renovation Project?

Lauren Lerner will lead the custom design for your home – Lauren has been voted the top interior designer in Arizona. Lauren also has an amazing team of operations professionals and designers to deal with the logistics and ensure that everything goes to plan.

What Do Your Services Include?

We mentioned that we handle all the details, and this is the cornerstone of our service. We’ll take the pressure off your shoulders from start to finish. For example, this includes: 

  • Recommending design approaches
  • Sourcing and ordering items
  • Installing and placing items 
  • Negotiating with suppliers 
  • Bringing your vision to life

If any vendor issues or delays arise, we’ll handle them on your behalf. In short, you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Where Do You Operate?

As a remodeling contractor in Scottsdale, this is our home and we work in person with people across Arizona. However, we operate globally and have a positive reputation all over the United States too. Whether we operate in person or virtually, you’ll get the same amazing experience and the same brilliant result – a home that you love both now and long into the future.

Why Choose Living with Lolo?

We’re Passionate and Dedicated We know how important a home is to everyone – it’s the space where you create memories with loved ones and it’s your safe haven from work deadlines and endless meetings. Therefore, we’re passionate about giving people the homes that they want and need.

Experience Lauren has extensive experience in the world of interior design and has been voted the top interior designer in Arizona. Not only this but Lauren is also supported by a wonderful team of professionals who thrive on making customers happy. You’ll see examples of our portfolio both on this page and around our website (so feel free to explore!). 

Design Styles Our experience means we’re comfortable with bringing different visions to life. For example, this includes modern, contemporary, transitional, and more. During the initial consultation, you’ll have a chance to describe your perfect room/home and we can discuss styles. 

Transparency Choosing Scottsdale remodeling contractors and interior designers doesn’t mean relinquishing control of your budget. If you have a very specific budget, we’ll always work within this. You’ll be aware of what you’re going to spend from the start and we’ll even show you an overall invoice before ordering any items.

Flexibility Over the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with lots of people in numerous styles of home. This means that we can accommodate your needs whether you want to renovate the whole property or work on specific rooms. For instance, this could be a bedroom, living room, kitchen, or bathroom. 

Customized Designs We don’t choose from a catalog of room designs depending on your budget. No, we customize our approach to your space, the home, your preferences, and other factors. This means that you get a unique renovation and a space that means something to you. 

Our Approach From the custom plan to handling every little detail, our approach is extensive and this is why we’ve been trusted with hundreds of projects not just in Scottsdale or in Arizona but across the United States. What’s more, we know that timelines are important (you don’t want to wait months for certain items). So, we recommend products that will arrive in a timely fashion and allow you to enjoy your finished home as one.

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To make your home the place where you feel confident, happy, calm, and brave, contact Living with Lolo today. Call 480-702-1189, book a consultation, or email We’d love to talk to you and answer your questions. As Scottsdale, AZ home remodeling contractors, your happiness is our success, so let’s work together this year!

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