Living with Lolo is your Japandi interior designer. We design spaces that incorporate  Japanese minimalism and the warmth of Scandinavian simplicity. Achieving a harmonious blend of these two unique aesthetics has the power to turn your living space into a tranquil sanctuary of beauty.


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Serene Harmony.

Japandi marries the best of both worlds – the peaceful Zen-like elements of Japanese aesthetics and the functional simplicity of Scandinavian design. We seamlessly create spaces that are a blend of both. 

Natural Beauty and Earthy Tones.

Elements from nature infuse your home with a sense of calm. Using natural materials such as light-toned wood, bamboo, and rattan: a new design trend to weave into your interiors, we are able to bring the outside into your home. Earthy color palettes with soft neutrals, warm browns, and muted grays create a soothing environment that also has the ability to sooth your soul.

Minimalist Warmth.

As a Japandi interior designer, our designs are rooted in minimalism, where each element is thoughtfully curated for its purpose and visual impact. We infuse warmth and coziness that is inspired by Scandinavian design to design a space that feels inviting and comfortable.

Embracing Functionality.

Functionality in your living space is key. We carefully select furniture and decor that not only align with the Japandi style but also cater to your practical needs. Uncluttered spaces and smart storage solutions ensure that your home fosters a sense of ease and simplicity. See our top 6 cabinet design picks that balance form & function.

The Beauty of Imperfection.

Japandi celebrates the concept of wabi-sabi interior design, finding beauty in imperfection. Our spaces age gracefully and tell a story. When combined with the hygge concept of Scandinavian design, your home will radiate a cozy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and togetherness.

Your picture-perfect dream home is so much closer than you think. Whether you are looking for a modern interior designer or a japandi interior designer, we will craft a space that reflects your unique personality.