Every Single Thing Included In Designing A Five-Star Home

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Answer : Everything.

Our clients love working with us because we handle every single detail with white glove service. Just walk into your custom designed home, we’ll handle everything else.



Why do 5-star hotels feel more
inviting than most homes?


Because 5-star hotels think through every single detail to engineer a space that’s inviting. We think through all of those details to transform your home into a space that feels better than any hotel.

What’s included?


Before we begin design:


Investment guide

We create a minimum investment guide, outlining what it will cost to furnish your space. This guide gives you a very clear per-room budget before we begin design so that you only begin design if you feel comfortable with the total investment. We are very careful with our budgets so that you know exactly what you’re spending.


Floor plans

We create floor plans for every room.

A note, each element requires many micro decisions to select the right items to create a custom space that feels amazing. We also get a deeper understanding of how you’d like to use each space, what functionality requirements you have. The space and items chosen will look very different if you have kids, pets, want to entertain, need the space to be able to sit for long periods of time with no one home, etc.


During design:



  • Types: We select the most optimal lighting for the ceiling, floors and tables.

    Note: Lighting has a huge impact on how a space feels. Based on how you’ll use each space, we recommend lighting that will enhance the feeling you’re looking for in each occasion.

  • Lighting specifications: In addition to the types of lighting, we also outline how high off the floor each fixture needs to hang, if the scale of the light is appropriate for the space, the brightness and hue of the light. – brightness may be a better word.

  • Lighting customization: Based on the lighting types and specifications, we outline any customizations that are needed to achieve the desired effect. For example, will a rod or chain be long enough for your tall ceilings? What shade is best for a lamp to give the most optimal effect?


  • Strategic choices in rug size, style, and color have a big impact on room definition, and overall cohesion of a room. For example, larger rugs often create a sense of unity in a space, while smaller rugs can create contrast and variety. Depending on what you want from your space, choosing the right rugs can have a massive impact.
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  • From size to color, fabric, edging, and fill, choosing the right pillows for your space can reinforce the energy you’re looking to create in a certain room.


  • Art creates ambiance, personality, character, creates harmony with color schemes and creates a sense of cohesion and cultural richness in a space. Choosing the right style is important. We also choose frame type, size, matted or unmatted, and height that art is hung. Choosing art that is the right size for a wall has a massive impact on harmony in the space and feelings of luxury and richness.


  • Plants play a very important role in every space. We have amazing vendors for artificial plants that look real. Many of our clients travel often, request us to design their second homes, and live very busy lives so we tend to recommend artificial plants often. Though we can recommend live plants that will thrive in different areas of your home as well.


  • We select the wallpaper, paint or other wall coverings for each wall – and ceiling, in your home. We call the ceiling the 5th wall because it is an often overlooked space that can have a dramatic effect on a room, specifically powder rooms and dining rooms for dramatic effect. Wall coverings can create focal points, accent walls, acoustic management, insulation in cool or warm climates, and so much more to take a space to luxury hotel levels.

Window Coverings

  • Drapery frames your view. Can you imagine having a canvas piece of art on the wall that is unframed? Once you frame it, it looks complete. The same is true if you have a massive slider in your house. Once you add drapery panels, your view is framed and complete, making beautiful views more dramatic.

  • From proper measurements, selection of the fabric, style of drapery, coordination with the workroom to have it made, selection of the hardware rod, size, color and attachment to the wall, design of the hardware and installation, we think through every detail of your custom draperies. Draperies help bring in natural light, allow for privacy when you want it, manage temperature control and create a dramatic statement that takes a space to the next level.

Furniture Selection and Sourcing

  • We select the furniture based on style, color, fabric, fill on seat cushions, fill on back cushions, legs, and edging. We also select the sizing for each element, including the sofa, so that it is proportional to the space and creates the feeling you’re looking for in your space. select the sofa size. We are mindful of selecting high-performance fabrics that stand up to kids and pets, whether you have them or will be hosting them visiting.
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living room design with golden pendant

Custom Furniture Design

  • If there isn’t a piece that fits your space exactly as it should, we’ll custom design a piece. We’ll design it, sketch it, create a CAD drawing, get quotes, select a vendor, and manage fabrication for your own custom piece that perfectly fits in your space.


  • Cabinets in a kitchen, bathroom or other built-in element require many decisions, from the door style, to wood selection, color selection, hardware selection, organizational features inside the cabinet, crown molding, and more, there are many decisions to select the right cabinets for a space.


  • Plumbing elements like faucets, handles and pipes also require many decisions, like the functionality you’d like from that piece, the color, style, and more.


  • Appliances can add so much character to a space and are often overcooked. We select appliances for you based on the functionality, color, style, and more that you’re looking for in your space.


During Procurement

  • We deliver clear invoicing to you, making revisions to any items to ensure the final invoice is on-budget.
  • We place all orders for you.
  • We track and follow up with vendors for their ETAs.
  • We have close relationships with all of our supplies and get early notifications if anything is running late. Because we do such high volume through our partners, they prioritize our orders or find relevant replacements. We always deliver on time.
  • We place orders on your behalf.
  • We follow up with vendors for ETAs and keep a close watch on each item – you can imagine there are many for a redesign!
  • We developed our own proprietary procurement software that we use to track every single element of your redesign.
  • We receive items to our warehouses so you only get one order to your home.
  • We deal with our vendors to get replacements or local fixes for any damages. You’ll never have to worry about this and items will arrive pristine.
  • If reselection is ever needed, we’ll manage communications efficiently so the decision is a quick and easy one for you, giving you all the information you need in one place.
  • If we notice that an item has a prolonged lead time that will delay your install, we often times offer complementary reselection.



  • We’ll conduct site visits to manage everything.
  • We’ll coordinate with the relevant trades or contractor to ensure the proper installation of:






Millwork/ woodwork


During Installation: