5 Unique Wall Art Ideas from Scottsdale Luxury Interior Designer

Few things make a home feel as complete as wall art does. It adds an undeniable dynamic, vibrancy, and texture to any space it’s styled in. Keep reading to discover a few unique pieces that have taken our clients’ walls to the next level!


Tapestry Wall Hangings

wall tapestry hangings scottsdale

Upscale tapestry, anyone? We believe in strategically layering bold patterns, colors, and textures with quieter elements to create an interior that is interesting and easy to live with. This tapestry beautifully balances both subtle and show-stopping in our Fanfol Project. Despite being neutral and relaxed in color, the texture on this piece still demands the attention of all it encounters and we’re here for it!


Carved Concrete Wall Art

carved concrete wall art Scottsdale

It’s time to bolden-up your neutrals! In our Montevista Project, we leveraged the power of neutrals to experiment with bolder textures. The intricate curves of this concrete wall art are carved in all the right places, adding just the right amount of intrigue to this home’s entryway. Doesn’t it draw you in?


Paper Shadow Box Wall Art

rice paper shadow box paradise valley interior designer

Part of our design expertise is knowing how to mix and layer bold elements into a space to make it interesting and stylish. We were able to do just that in our Marshall Ave project. To avoid going over the top or creating too much of a good thing, we styled this neutral paper shadow box above this beautifully styled console table. We love how the wall pieces’ height elongated the look of the walls too!


Volcanic Ash 3 Dimensional Art

Volcanic ash 3 dimensional art scottsdale

There’s nothing better than helping clients step into their bravest, boldest selves through home design. To do this, we aim to introduce color, pattern, and texture in an approachable way. This volcanic ash, three-dimensional wall art is subtle in color, but don’t be fooled… its corners and curves create a unique statement piece that simultaneously catches and restricts light in a captivating way. We loved playing with shadows by styling this artwork next to a nearby window in our Fanfol Project.


Wall Planters

wall planters for bathroom Phoenix interior design

One of our favorite ways to bring life into a home is through greenery. This hexagon wall planter is a great solution for adding small plants to your interiors without taking up counter or shelf space. Style it solo or pair with matching planters for a mirrored, cohesive look.

We hope this blog post helped you gain some inspiration on how to dress up the walls in your home! For more design trends, tips, and project reveals, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram


The Living With Lolo Team