When this family reached out to us, it was initially for new furniture. After meeting them and walking through their home with them, we realized that their gigger longer term goal was to remodel the house. We talked through priorities and eventually landed on remodeling the home + furnishing the new space. 

Scottsdale Remodeling & Design
Scottsdale Interior Design Project

The house had travertine floors throughout, and we decided the best solution for this busy family would be to instantly luxury vinyl flooring because not only is it durable but it can be laid over tile to eliminate the need to demo the existing tile. This saves the client some big bucks. 

We opted to leave and paint the existing perimeter cabinets + build a new bigger island. We installed quartz countertops for their durability and finished the space with some show stopping pendants and counter chairs. The counter chairs are also completely kid friendly! How great is that?

The family room is adjacent to the kitchen, so we wanted to ensure that it had great flow. We took their farmhouse look and made it more modern with some mixed metals, pops of color and, some open shelving. The white couches are kid friendly too. Who would have guessed that you could have white couches with kiddos?

We love how the master bedroom turned out as well. We started the design with a new upholstered bed to march some chairs our client already owned. We layered the bed over beautiful wallpaper and added in some gorgeous unique nightstands and pendants. We adore the texture in this space!

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