How to make your home look more modern in only 5 tips

Do you walk into other modern houses wishing yours looked at as new, as fresh, as cool? The good news is that you might be able to achieve a similar look with only a few arrangements. You’ll be surprised to see how much of a difference it can make!
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1. Get rid of plastic packaging

Take the habit to remove all the plastic packaging laying in your house. -Use a soap pump for your dish soap in the kitchen and for the hand soap in the bathroom -Use mason jars for your dry condiments in the kitchen instead of the plastic bags -Use a glass water bottle instead of a plastic one. Walk around and look at all the disposable plastic packaging you have and make the switch to durable options. Not only will it look much better and will give your entire house a more modern look, but it will also help you to reduce the amount of waste you produce. You can start buying your items in bulk and transfer them to your beautiful recipients once home.
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2. Use more glass elements.

The use of glass is a great way to make your space look more modern. You can add a glass sliding door or a glass dining table or coffee table for example. Big windows are also a great hit in modern design. Since glass is a transparent material it helps to make your space look bigger and let more light in. We love to also add glass through a pretty mirror and accessories
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3.Mix neutral colors with dark hues.

Modern design like using the contrast between a neutral color and a dark bolder one. Having a piece of furniture that stands out or painting one wall in black in your bathroom or bedroom for example will bring attention and provide a sense of comfort to the room. For bathrooms, you can also pick dark tiles to add contrast.

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4. Add texture.

Adding texture to an interior makes it look more intriguing. Change your rug, add throw pillows or blankets. We love to add texture through custom upholstery with great fabric! Drapery with an amazing textured fabric is also a great addition to your home.
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5. Pick geometric shapes.

Modern homes are characterized by their geometric shapes and straight lines. The easiest way to implement those in your home is through the furniture you pick. Choose rectangular or square furniture pieces with none or very few soft, curved lines.

6.Add big art pieces.

If you are afraid to turn your home into something impersonal, don’t worry. Modern doesn’t have to be cold. Pick a big piece of art that has meaning to you and can be highlighted in the room.


Last but not least, to keep your space looking modern, make sure to keep it simple and decluttered. When in doubt, go for a more minimalist lifestyle. That will help keep everything tidier. Empty countertops, organized shelves, clean coffee tables… It will all work together to give your space a modern and peaceful look. Every home is different. Need more advice on how to make your space more modern? Contact us today to set you your interior design consultation.
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