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We believe your home should make you feel like your bravest, boldest self and also be a refuge that feels familiar and nurturing.

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Living with Lolo is based in Scottsdale, AZ. and serves clients across the United States.

For clients in Arizona, we serve as your contractor for remodels + new builds as well!

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Our Process

What to Expect From Scottsdale Interior Designers

Let us show you how to use interior design services in Scottsdale to get your dream home. This is what you can expect from the first phone call with us. 

Discovery Call – In our first conversation, we’ll delve into your vision, aspirations, and the ambiance you envision for your home. This initial discussion is pivotal as it helps us grasp your objectives and gauge if our collaboration aligns harmoniously. Moreover, we’ll provide insights into our methodology and set clear expectations for the journey ahead.

Virtual Home Consultation – Delve further into your project as we meticulously assess every area of your home and your desired specifications for each space. This comprehensive review will serve as the roadmap for our next steps, enabling us to craft a tailored proposal and pave the way forward.

Detailed Design – Our design process is both efficient and thorough. We offer a detailed design plan inclusive of material and furnishing selections. Utilizing 2D design boards, 3D designs, elevation drawings, CAD drawings, and a comprehensive presentation with samples, we aim to ensure your confidence in the design plan moving forward.

White Glove Purchasing and Execution and Installation – Working with our skilled Scottsdale interior designers offers a major advantage – our dedicated procurement team handles all the heavy lifting. We handle product sourcing, order placement, liaising with vendors for updates on delivery times, managing damages, and organizing installation and staging with accessories in your home. This ensures that you return to a beautifully furnished home without the hassle of waiting for deliveries or storing items. Sit back and relax while we take care of every detail for you.

Ongoing Refresh –Given the ever-evolving nature of interior design in Scottsdale, our timeless designs stand the test of time. Should you desire a fresh burst of color for seasonal updates, we are at your service. Whenever you seek to rejuvenate your living space, know that we are here to assist you.

Why Choose Living with Lolo for Scottsdale, AZ Interior Design?

You want to feel as though your home is in good hands. You want to enjoy the next chapter of your life in your home. You need an interior decorator in Scottsdale that understands you, your needs and how you want to live in your home. Here are some of the reasons you should consider Living with Lolo, whether for a full-scale renovation or a new build of furnishings.  

Range of Skills – Every homeowner is different, and we appreciate that a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work. Our multidisciplinary team works together to bring your vision to life. Our team of operations experts and designers partner together to ensure the process from design to procurement and installation is seamless.

Experience – We’re fortunate enough to have designed hundreds of homes, and our experience in the field, both as individuals and as a team, means we understand the industry, we know how to overcome challenges that arise, and we have developed relationships with many great suppliers. 

Reputation – Over the years, our Principal Designer and Founder, Lauren Lerner, and her team have successfully delivered hundreds of projects for a diverse clientele, including busy professionals, celebrities, and athletes in Scottsdale and nationwide. Lauren’s unique approach to creating spaces that evoke emotions has garnered recognition in national publications and garnered numerous five-star reviews on Google and other platforms. Her work has been showcased in prestigious magazines like Vogue, Martha Stewart, Architectural Digest, The Wall Street Journal, and more.

We Handle Everything – We aim to revolutionize the perception that home updates are arduous and time-consuming. Starting from our initial discussion, we prioritize minimizing disruption and crafting a space that brings joy, all while demanding minimal time and effort from you. Our process involves crafting a bespoke design, managing orders with suppliers, handling deliveries, and completing installations on your behalf.

Full Transparency – Prior to starting the design of your home, we will work on an investment guide for your project to show you exactly what it will take to complete the project. This added step at the beginning of our project sets us apart from other design firms and ensures that we are designing spaces that are in line with an investment you a comfortable with, to minimum revisions, and to ultimately implement the design in your home. We are experts in interior design in Scottsdale and your dream home is so much closer than you think.

Living Room Interior Design By Interior Designer Scottsdale AZ

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to get started with interior designers in Scottsdale, AZ?


We’re used to working with busy professionals, so we aim to take as little of your time as possible. We generally ask for some photos and an introduction call so we can learn more about you, your lifestyle in the property, and what you want to achieve. From here, we’ll do everything for you.

Who will design the space?


Your custom design will be created by Lauren Lerner, a winner of Arizona’s top interior designer. Not only this, but we have a wonderful team of operations experts and designers ready to bring your vision to life.

How do I know I need an interior designer in Scottsdale?

Over the years, we’ve found that people contact interior designers in a few key situations:

  • They lack confidence in design
  • They don’t have the time to create a beautiful property (but desperately want one)
  • They are overwhelmed by lots of ideas
  • They can’t agree with a partner
  • They want to make the most of their forever home

Perhaps you recognize yourself in one of these scenarios? Our professionals know how to make the most of the available space and create a space that feels special.

What do interior designers in Scottsdale actually do?


We’ll do everything - we suggest design ideas, create a custom design, source items, order items, install items, and handle any problems or challenges that arise along the way. In a broader sense, we create a unique space for you and others to enjoy without taking your own time and energy.

Can you help with all rooms?


Absolutely, tell us what you want to create in your home and we’ll work with you to achieve your goals. For instance, you’ll find examples of full home redesigns and full home renovations around our website. Talk to us about your bathroom, kitchen, living room, family room, game room, gym, hallway, bedroom, dining room, and more.

What is your design philosophy as an interior design service in Scottsdale?


One of our key philosophies is that we like to challenge the rules, the status quo. You don’t want a home that everyone else has, you want a space that manages the balance between being functional and unique. We know that interior design can seem intimidating, so we bring bold design to you in a way that’s more approachable. We like to push the boundaries, but we’ll always remember that we’re working toward your goals.

How do I contact you?


If you’re ready to speak to us, feel free to book a discovery call today. In this 15-minute call, we can talk about your property and what you need from us. In return, we’ll tell you more about ourselves, our approach, and what you can expect. Alternatively, you’re welcome to browse our website for more information, call us, or send an email.