Thoughtfully selecting show-stopping luxury pieces that embody our clients’ personality is one of our favorite parts of the design process. One interior design trend that we always feature in our projects is statement modern pendants. 

Pendants provide functional lighting and increase the uniqueness of a room by enhancing complementary finishes, textures, and colors featured in nearby accents. Read on to discover various pendants we’ve incorporated into recent client projects!

Cement Pendants Offer a Subtle Touch of Rawness to Your Space

While most can only imagine concrete lighting in an industrial style home, they actually pair well with a modern setting. Cement pendants add a subtle touch of texture and rawness to your space, creating a focal point for the room. 

In our Scottsdale interior design project, Ironwood Drive, we added this elegant gray pendant to make the most of this gorgeous nook in the kitchen. The effervescence, neutral hue of this cement pendant is a welcome tone to any modern and traditional home. 

Brass Pendants Add a Luxurious Touch to Any Room

If you long for statement lighting, this is the pendant for you! These show-stopping brass pendants incorporated in our Scottsdale interior design project, Trailside View, bring a show-stopping appeal to the space. 

The pendants’ bold brass detailing creates subtle hues throughout the kitchen. We love how the modern, linear lines balance with banding across the diameter of the light. Caged in the center are six candelabra sockets to offset lots of light into the kitchen. 

Incorporate Linen for a Touch of Texture

For a subtle pop of texture, consider adding linen pendants to your space. In our Scottsdale interior design project, Hidden Hills, we added white linen Heloise Pendants to create a balance between modern and traditional elements. The iron detail on the bottom of the shade creates a beautiful lightscape that elevates the kitchen. The balance between neutrals and quieter elements in this space keeps things classy and elegant! 

Glass Pendants Add a Satisfying Blend of Form and Function

We can’t get over this elegant glass pendant! This light fixture creates a warm glow and a satisfying blend of form and function in this gorgeous bathroom. This glass pendant has a minimalistic, smooth, and cylindrical shape, and the beautiful smoke glass complements a variety of environments. This magnificent pendant doubles as a work of art! 

Create a Timeless Look With By Mixing Black and Brass

Mixing metals creates a gorgeous outcome when done with a sense of purpose. Mixing warm metals with both cool and warm undertones can provide any space with a balanced feel.

In our Scottsdale interior design project, Fairway Drive, we added these mixed metal pendants to add a mid-century modern flair to the space. The black and brass pendants tied the space together gorgeously and added a unique element to elevate the kitchen. 

Create a Sleek, Modern Look With Mini Pendants

Mini pendant lights add a sleek and clean appearance to just about any modern home. These pendant lights are ideal for modern homes because they combine elegance with simple design. Align these mini pendants in multiples across a table, island, counter, or bar to make a dramatic design statement.

We hope this blog post helped you gain some inspiration on which pendants you may want to style in your home! For more design trends, tips, and project reveals, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram.


The Living With Lolo Team