Home renovation can turn into a fascinating odyssey – an unexpected quest filled with perilous pitfalls and joyous triumphs. For any homeowner daring to undertake this adventure, a step-by-step checklist is critical. Overwhelmed by the thought of renovating your home? Here’s a simple step-by-step home renovation checklist to get you through this maze. A general contractor in Scottsdale, AZ is also as good as a checklist, and it’s never too early to contact one.  

The Unbreakable Planning Phase

Do not pass go, do not collect $200, and above all, do not open a single can of paint or wield a hammer until you’ve laid the groundwork. You need blueprints for this war process. Sketch out the vision for your renovation. Are you aiming for an open concept? Dreaming of granite countertops? Do you long for a claw-foot tub?

What You Need

  • Mood boards for each room
  • A clear budget draft
  • A timeline with detail
Home Renovation Checklist scottdale

Research and Inspiration: Your Design Evangelism

This step is where you jog around the neighborhood every morning and see what’s “in.” Every Instagram scroll, every magazine flip, consider it research. Collect design ideas and learn what you do and don’t like. You’ll thank yourself later for this inspiration.

Tools of the Trade

  • Social media platforms and Pinterest
  • Home improvement stores and showrooms

Hiring Professionals: The Art of Delegation

Your cousin may be handy with a wrench, but the structural integrity of your home might be better left to a seasoned pro. Contact an expert who spends their days going through home renovation checklists and creating desirable spaces for homeowners. 

Deciphering the Right Fit

  • Referrals and online reviews
  • Interviews and quotes
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Demolition and Preparation: It’s Hammer Time

And just like that, you’re Alice fallen down the rabbit hole. But this Wonderland is filled with dust, loud noises, and the surreal sight of your living room wall being used as a corridor for your kitchen wall.

Pro Tips

  • Rent large dumpsters
  • Protect floors and furniture

Structural Work: Laying the Foundation

Have you heard the one about a house being only as good as its foundation? Well, it’s no joke. Whether it’s fixing cracked walls or reinforcing a roof, this is the Iron Man suit of your renovation phase.

Buckle Up

  • Proper permitting
  • Know your load-bearing walls
Home Renovation

Installation and Building: Where Dreams Finally Take Shape

At this stage, you get to see all those dreams, haphazardly scribbled on napkins and half-baked in idea ovens, actually materialize. It’s the payoff for all the behind-the-scenes work.

The Literal Nuts and Bolts

  • Plumbing and electrical work
  • Installing fixtures and appliances

Finishing Touches: The Devil and the Details

The last ten percent of the work will take ninety percent of the effort. Every designer, builder, and figure with a penchant for the architectural world will tell you this.

The Art of Patience

  • Paint and wallpaper
  • Flooring and subtler decorations
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Inspection and Quality Check: Meeting the Standards

Before the ribbon-cutting ceremony, bring in the inspectors. This is where the grunt work pays off. Professionals will have this on their renovating a house checklist, so you don’t need to worry. 

One Final Push

  • Final walk-throughs
  • Addressing any issues

Follow this guide and you’ll soon have a home you love!