We are so excited to continue sharing this stunning North Scottsdale interior design project that we had the pleasure of working on. Read on for a closer look at the details of our One Hundred Hills Project! 

This beautiful, light-filled space is the first room that you see upon entering the home. The living room and dining room is a combined space, giving the home a more open feel.

At Living With Lolo, we believe custom furniture and finishes are the key to a home tailored specifically to each of our clients. We added two custom shelving units on both sides of the fire place as well as custom drapery from floor to ceiling. Additionally, we found a matching pair of brass chandeliers that perfectly tie the living room and dining room together. For the finishing touch in the living room, we found these funky lounge chairs, which give the whole space such personality, while still feeling sleek, modern, and fitting the functionality and durability needs of our client. 

We decided to incorporate the same rug in both the living room and dining room to give the feel of heightened consistency throughout the home. 

Made of performance fabric for lasting durability, the dining room chairs are custom and blend perfectly with the various textures in the space. We love how these chairs tie in with the caning in the kitchen. We added these marvelous iron doors, a custom sideboard to fill the wall, as well as some textural lamps and art. Our goal is always to create a curated, cohesive space and we feel that this shared living and dining room space showcase this perfectly!

When our team designs a home, we take into consideration the lifestyle and design goals of each client, creating a space that is specifically designed for them! We pride ourselves on our services and turning an ordinary space into a carefully curated and upscale home. Just look at how beautifully these details go together!


For the daughter’s bedroom, we learned that she loved plants, and so we decided to install a shelf above the bed where she could home several plants and put her green thumb to work. The dark green color for the wall also ties in with the nature element and blends seamlessly. We found a nightstand with leather detailing and a postured bed to further blend into the natural feeling and textures of this bedroom.

In the guest bedroom, we added custom beds with leather detailing on the headboards that are consistent with the textures throughout the rest of the home. The black nightstand between the beds matches perfectly with the sconce lamp we installed as well. 


The mini office or gaming table space that we added to one of the bedrooms is multifunctional and fits the room flawlessly. This natural wood grain desk is an incredible blend of warm and traditional yet gives just enough of a contemporary feel that it harmonizes perfectly with the rest of the home. 


Lastly, we designed this casita as a special retreat for guests of the home. We incorporated comfortable linens, an upholstered bed, and a beautiful modern nightstand. 

We hope you enjoyed this glimpse inside our Scottsdale interior design project, One Hundred Hills! Interested in working with us on your next project? Click here to send us a note about your luxury interior design project!


The Living With Lolo Team