Hi & welcome to my kitchen! This post is a compilation of all the questions I always get about my kitchen, including sources! When we were designing our kitchen, having a big island was a must! I love cooking with my little one & we needed some space to spread out and get messy! Also, we LOVE to entertain & having a big island makes the most perfect spot to have appetizers when your friends come over.

Kitchen Interior Design Pictures - Living With Lolo

Kitchen Design Scottsdale, AZ

I’ve always been a fan of Carrera marble in the kitchen, I love its bright white look. But, I don’t love that white marble is notorious for being tricky to take care of because let’s face it, I’m not the neatest in the kitchen & I’ve been known to spill a glass of wine or two. Also, everywhere you look you see Carrera. I wanted something different. I stumbled across this marble called brown fantasy at the stone yard and it took my breath away! It’s a marble but it’s one of the tougher marbles out there & it’s not totally white so it won’t show imperfections as things in life happen. 🙂 This slab of marble does not have any brown in it, but some of the brown fantasy slabs have a ton so you really just need to look for the perfect piece. Additionally, I had the fabricators do a satin finish on the marble so it is lightly textured vs smooth and shiny. I loved that it added a bit more texture to the stone and also that the finish makes it nearly impossible to see water spots.

Kitchen Interior Design Photos - Living With Lolo

When it came time to choose hardware and light fixtures for the kitchen, my heart was set on brass. Not just any brass, but the most perfect satin finish. I can’t tell you how many samples of hardware I ordered before I ended up with these bar pulls from Lew’s Hardware. Long ago I had fallen in love with the brass hardware from School House Electric, but I quickly realized with the number of cabinets we had that spending $34-$74 on a single pull was not where I wanted to spend our budget. Persistence paid off & I got the look of my dreams at a fraction of the cost.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas in Scottsdale, AZ

Let’s talk about lighting! I have forever been in love with Darlana and Suzanne Morris pendants from Visual Comfort and knew from the get go I was going to use them both in my kitchen. CONFESSION: During all of the shopping for the new house, I somehow ordered the wrong size Darlana Pendant! Imagine my surprise when it showed up & I’m not kidding you IT WAS HUGE! My first instinct was to exchange it but then the more I kept looking at it sitting on the floor I decided to have my handyman install it to see what it would look like up. The kitchen table space is pretty large and because the lantern is wide open it fits the space perfectly, & completely breaks every lighting rule you have ever heard! WE WENT BIG & We are staying home!

Kitchen Lighting Interior Design Pictures - Living With Lolo

The kitchen table, chair, & rug concept was 100% inspired by Bree over at Z Design at Home. When I saw her kitchen table set up, it was perfect. exactly what I never knew I wanted! She was so sweet and gave me a bunch of helpful hints on how to recreate it. That table! Those chairs! And, the hidden rug! My husband thought he hated hiding rugs until he saw it styled this way! Our chairs are from Restoration Hardware & now discontinued but I’ve linked a much more affordable option below.

Kitchen Interior Design Pictures - Living With Lolo

I hope you enjoyed our kitchen tour! Please let me know if you have any other questions about the kitchen and I’d be happy to answer them for you.



For a full list of resources for this space please click HERE.

Brushed Black Curtain Rod | Brushed Black Drapery Clip Rings | White Linen Curtains | Rustic Bamboo Blinds | Dining Table | Vintage Kilam Runner | Brushed Brass Bar Pulls | Coffee Mug | Barstools | Hello Lovely cutting board | Mirror | Carved Wood Occasional Table | Guilded Darlana Lantern | Suzanne Kasler Morris Pendant | Brushed Gold Frames | Wood Shelves | Sisel Tray | Grey Brindle Hide Rug | Herringbone Backsplash | Curved Wood Chairs | Dough Bowl

Cabinet Color:

Wall Color: Anew Gray by Sherman Williams

Location: Cave Creek, Arizona

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