It’s natural to stare endlessly at Pinterest or Instagram photos wishing that your home could also look magical (you’re not alone). The backyard resort living style is a popular trend right now and it can turn a drab outside space into an oasis that you struggle to leave. Not only can it make you happier while living in the property, but it can also impress guests (you won’t be able to stop inviting friends over just to show off your new space!).

We’ve compiled some tips for transforming your outdoor space into a resort – your budget will determine how far you go but there’s no reason you can’t get started even with a small budget.

#1 Start with a Plan

Don’t start digging up your backyard and ordering furniture and extravagant lighting solutions when you haven’t taken the time to create a plan. When planning your yard, don’t forget to size up your space, conquer any terrain hurdles, and keep your budget in check. Let nature’s challenges become your design inspirations. This is the time to contact an expert if you feel as though you need some assistance with Backyard Garden Design Ideas. It pays to work with people who know how to make good use of space and how to bring ideas to life.


#2 Choose a Theme

Just like an interior space, giving your backyard a theme can take it from plain to exceptional. Whether you opt for a tropical paradise or a Mediterranean-style haven, pick one style and stick to it throughout. This is the best way to just ensure that everything flows and that you don’t have a disjointed space.


#3 Invest in Good Quality Furniture

Resort-style backyards: where relaxation and comfort reign supreme. Don’t skimp on quality furniture – go for teak or wicker that can brave the great outdoors. From outdoor lounges to dining sets and daybeds, make your backyard a luxurious oasis with different seating areas. It’s time to elevate your outdoor game. High-quality furniture will take more of your budget but it will also last longer. There’s always a risk that lower-quality furniture will get damaged sooner (and you’ll have to shop for a replacement all over again!).



#4 Create a Focal Point

Transform your backyard from ordinary to extraordinary with this backyard resort idea. Whether it’s an enchanting outdoor fireplace, a tranquil pond, or a captivating sculpture, let your imagination run wild. A focal point not only grabs attention but also beckons people into your outdoor oasis, inducing a state of utter bliss. Get ready to elevate your backyard game.


#5 Add Some Greenery

You’re outdoors so surely you should have some greenery to bring it to life? Some people have a poor history with keeping plants alive (to say the least!), so there’s nothing wrong with going for greenery that doesn’t need much maintenance. Resort backyards tend to have some potted plants or a garden bed filled with lush, tropical beauties. Palms, succulents, and ferns will jazz up your space with texture and intrigue. And hey, don’t leave your plants in the dark – add some outdoor lighting to make them the stars of the night.

Transform your outdoor space today and create a backyard you love!