Sometimes, you just need something cool to liven up a room. You have all the traditional decor but want to add something new. Something bold. Something with character. Just something. You’re in the right place because we have some ideas for you. We’re going to assume that you’re mostly there with your interior design, so now you just want cool things for your room. 

Presentation Cases

Whether you present Legos, sneakers, or something else entirely is up to you. Consider opting for a timeless display case featuring elements such as sports memorabilia or figurines to achieve a classic look. For a contemporary touch, explore the use of illuminated cases to add a vibrant touch to your collection. Alternatively, unleash your creativity and design a custom shelving unit that showcases your items in a truly distinctive manner. 


Wall Decorations

Consider using distinctive wall decorations instead of traditional frames and posters to make a statement. Display vintage records, create abstract art installations, or even repurpose old license plates for a touch of nostalgia. Experiment with mixing various styles and textures to achieve an eclectic aesthetic. Local Mesa interior designers will tell you, when talking about elevating your home decor, this is your chance to create the home you’ve always wanted. Release your inner child and remember what your dream home meant when you were younger.


Furniture with a Twist

Plain doesn’t need to exist anymore (unless you have every pattern and color under the sun in every other aspect of your room!). Seek out furniture pieces with intriguing shapes or patterns or those that offer multifunctionality. For instance, consider a coffee table that also serves as a storage unit or a chair with built-in shelves. Additionally, infuse your existing furniture with personality by incorporating vibrant pillows or throws. We’re at a time where mix and match is life, so give it a go.


Plants Everywhere

We know this can get the heart going for some because the stress of keeping something alive is too much. But just remember that faux plants exist if you need them. Alternatively, you may opt for conventional potted plants, hanging plants, or even wall-mounted planters. Incorporating plants into your home introduces a natural element, enhances air purification, and fosters a serene ambiance. Green isn’t just for the outside, and more homeowners are embracing this rule now.


Neon Sign

This is for those who think our suggestions haven’t been bold enough in our ‘cool stuff to liven up your room’ guide. A neon sign brings a lively and dynamic element to any space and offers the flexibility to be personalized with your desired message. It is an excellent choice for creating a captivating centerpiece or providing ambient lighting during nighttime. Additionally, you can select from various colors and designs to match your style and preferences. Your favorite Star Wars quote or a bright beer sign for your man cave – you can choose anything. Disney lamps, wreaths, sculptures, string lights, LED lighting – you can do anything. Get cool stuff to liven up your room and fall in love with your space again!