The world has started to embrace the idea that sometimes imperfect is perfect. The interior design industry has been all about perfectionism for the longest time. You want to create a living room, for example, that provides a relaxing space while also being appropriate for hosting friends. The room needs to do a million and one different things. But maybe perfect isn’t the approach? This is the idea behind wabi-sabi, a Japanese design concept. Those who have yet to understand this design style will find everything you need in this guide.

A Japanese Philosophy

What is wabi-sabi design? Wabi-sabi is a Japanese philosophy that revolves around the embrace of imperfections and the inherent beauty they possess. This concept is deeply ingrained in Japanese culture and has gradually garnered recognition worldwide. At this stage, wabi-sabi doesn’t mean you can get away with a ‘clutter everywhere’ approach. But it does allow you some more freedom than usual – you can create the space you desire without everything being perfect.


The Wabi-Sabi Concept

The concept of wabi-sabi can be applied to interior design, a field often associated with the pursuit of perfection. However, wabi-sabi embraces a more natural and humble approach, eschewing overly polished or flawless materials. Instead, it values the use of reclaimed wood and handcrafted pottery, adding character and authenticity to the design. A specialist in this field might recommend ceramics that aren’t relatively even or furniture choices that wouldn’t traditionally be paired together.


Find Simplicity In Design

There’s also an element of simplicity with wabi-sabi design. While some may assume that wabi-sabi is synonymous with minimalism, they are merely similar in nature. It is essential to distinguish the two and approach wabi-sabi design with a minimalist mindset. Wabi-sabi, indeed, aligns with the concept of embracing imperfections. Rather than filling a space with unnecessary items, wabi-sabi encourages intentional selection and inclusion of meaningful or purposeful items. This approach fosters a serene and uncluttered environment, ideal for relaxation and contemplation.


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Distinctive Features That Contribute Character

If you embrace this design style, you will also learn to appreciate and respect natural beauty. Rather than concealing imperfections in materials, wabi-sabi interiors embrace them as distinctive features that contribute character and allure to any space. This may involve leaving a crack in a wooden table or showcasing chipped ceramics on open shelving (nothing dangerous, of course).


Consult a Wabi-Sabi Interior Designer

What is wabi-sabi? Now you know what this design style is about and its potential for bringing new life to your living space. This world is already complex and confusing – the last thing you need is for this to be reflected in your home. That is why an increasing number of homeowners are embracing the wabi-sabi style. Consulting a wabi-sabi interior designer can provide further insights into this style and its potential implementation in your home.