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Unique Alternatives to Curtain Rods

Are you looking for creative alternatives to curtain rods? You’re in luck! If having regular rods doesn’t sound exciting to you, we’ve got you covered! We are sharing four great ideas that will bring a fresh style to your home.

Copper pipes
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Copper pipes are a popular alternative when it comes to curtain rods. Copper is strong and resistant which is important to support the weight of your curtains. You can easily find them in the size and thickness that you need.

Copper pipes offer a unique and modern look to your design. We recommend also adding other copper elements into the room – that will create a harmonious style. You could have copper cooking pots hanging in the kitchen, copper candle holders, copper glasses, etc.

Before going for copper pipes, take into consideration the color of your curtains to make sure they match that strong copper tone.


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Instead of going for a rod or a pipe, using a rope is another creative alternative. You will want to make sure to pick a thicker, more resistant rope especially if you have heavy curtains.

We love using ropes when we are looking to create a natural look. You can then also use other rope elements throughout the room to enhance a sustainable style in your home.

Tree branch

Contemporary interior design scottsdale

Yes, you can use a tree branch as a curtain rod! The challenging part is that you will need a thick, sturdy, long, and straight branch. Once you acquire that, it will become a complete part of your design. The tree branch will create a nice boho natural vibe.


Paradise Valley Interior DesignAnother great option is adding a valance or cornice that can hide any hardware and provides an elegant finishing touch. You can find many different options in terms of materials, colors, and patterns for your valances. We still love custom drapery with a substantial curtain rod but these other ideas gave you some good ideas to set yourself apart from the norm.

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