Our process has earned us the title of top interior design firm in Phoenix. We excel at understanding your vision and goals for your space.

Here’s how it works:

1. Discovery Call: Let’s start with a 15-minute call to discuss your goals, vision, and answer any questions you have. No preparation needed, just bring yourself!

2. Virtual Home Consultation: Once we have an idea of your vision, we’ll dive into every detail of your space during a virtual consultation. We’ll walk through each area you want to be designed and gather all the necessary inputs. Plan for 1 hour for this call.

3. Detailed Design Concept: Next, we’ll present your custom design along with a curated list of recommended items from reliable vendors known for exceptional, timely products.

4. Order and Delivery: After you approve the items you like, we’ll take care of ordering and tracking everything for you. We’ll receive all the items at our warehouse to ensure a streamlined delivery process.

5. Professional Installation: Our team of expert designers and crew will come to your home and install everything, leaving it picture-perfect and ready for you to enjoy.

6. Seasonal Refreshes and Holiday Decor: We also offer ideas for seasonal refreshes and holiday decorations throughout the year, allowing you to continually update and revitalize your space.

At every step, we handle all the details to provide you with a seamless experience. Our goal is to create a home that not only reflects your boldness and authenticity but also offers a familiar and nurturing sanctuary.

Home Remodeling & General Contracting – Areas Served

• Tucson, Arizona 

• Chandler, Arizona 

• Sedona, Arizona 

• Flagstaff, Arizona 

• Scottsdale, Arizona

• Phoenix, Arizona 

• Paradise Valley, Arizona 

• Mesa, Arizona 

• Cave Creek, Arizona 

• Gilbert, Arizona