83rd PLACE


The Scope

Project Name: 83rd Place
Type: Home Furnishings
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona


Our goal for this Paradise Valley interior design project was to transform the home’s aesthetic into something ultra-personal and modern. We based the design around a contemporary color palette of warm beiges, earthy browns, cozy blues, and just enough black to ground it all. A mix of custom transitional-style furnishings and abstract art with chic lighting and accessories make each space feel special. We added unique wall coverings throughout for a truly wow-worthy experience and luxurious feel. 


Kitchen, Living Room, Foyer, Family Room + Master Bedroom

We believe your home should make you feel your bravest, boldest self and also be a refugee that feels familiar and nurturing.


 This beautiful new build was mostly empty as our client was overwhelmed with making decisions on which furniture and lighting to add to the spaces. They wanted a space that was customized to them but also had longevity with their family.


This stunning new construction home was meticulously furnished to align with our client’s unique vision and style while simultaneously encouraging her to step outside of her comfort zone by incorporating carefully curated pieces she may not have originally chosen. Every aspect of the home was meticulously designed to create a lasting impression.

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