We often call our style eclectic because we love mixing
various styles! Our goal is always to create a space that is cohesive where you
cannot tell you are blending different styles.



Here are our top tips for successfully mixing different décor styles together.



A modern mirror mixed with a more vintage bench, Scottsdale Interior Design



Pick a few colors + focus on them



Even if you are decorating with one style, we prefer to keep colors simple! Pick one or 2 colors only per space and use them in different ways and with different textures. Layer the colors and textures to achieve an effortless look. If you are using a coffee table that has a modern feel, pick your occasional chairs in a more contemporary feel in a similar or coordinating color. Always start with neutrals and layer your color on top.



modern farmhouse meets contemporary, Scottsdale Interior Design



Choose an inspiration piece



Start with one item you love and repeat an element in the item but by incorporating a different style. For example, If you find a sofa you love with curved legs, incorporate more curves in the lighting, coffee table, art, etc but feel free to mix up the styles. The repetition of the element will bring it all together. Focus on about 80% of your decor being from one style and 20% being from another.



a vintage bench with modern frames + lighting, Scottsdale Interior Design



Use art to help blend styles



Adding art in a contrasting style is a great way to effortlessly start blending styles in a space and to make it look cohesive. If you have a traditional space, don’t be afraid to add a more abstract contemporary piece and visa versa.



modern abstract art mixed with more traditional pieces, Scottsdale Interior Design



Mix your materials



Don’t be overly concerned with being matchy! In fact, we prefer not to be! If you are using a marble table, incorporate some vintage rattan chairs or another piece with great vintage feel and texture. Just make sure that everything repeats at least once! If you incorporate marble make sure something else in the room is marble- it can even be an accessory!



contemporary lighting and chairs with a more traditional table, Scottsdale Interior Design



What not to do



Don’t buy coordinating furniture sets



Don’t assume that you can only design your house in the
style of the architecture of the home



Don’t use the same color, fabric, pattern or finish in the various pieces you chose



Don’t be afraid to take risks and think outside the box when designing your home!