You look around and realize you want to breathe new life into your home – it’s time. Will an interior designer in Phoenix, AZ, understand your open-concept kitchen dreams, though? Will they recoil from the idea of a hanging egg chair? Fret not; design dilettantes. We’ve compiled a guide on how to find a local interior designer in Phoenix that you can trust with your next project.

Why is interior design important? Your home is where you spend the most time (even if lots of this time is sleeping). You want your house to feel like a home – this is your sanctuary from the world. A local designer can bring your ideas to life and ensure your happiness for years to come.

    Step 1: Understanding Your Needs

    Do some homework before you start contacting designers. A little self-reflection can go a long way. Assess the scope of your project. Is it a complete home renovation or a simple room “refresh”? Take inventory of your design tastes and preferences. Are you a mid-century modern maven, or do you aspire to the cozy excess of maximalism?

    Pro Tip: Pinterest and home decor magazines can help you compile a visual wishlist and hone in on your unique style.


    Step 2: Researching Potential Designers

    You know what you want now, so you can confidently cast your net. Start by contacting local designers like us! Next, ask friends, family, or that second cousin twice removed (who’s constantly redecorating) for referrals. And, of course, pore over designer portfolios to see if their aesthetic aligns with your vision. A simple search through our portfolio will yield results.

    Pro Tip: Think of this process like speed-dating, but instead of swiping right, you’re clicking through our portfolio.


    Step 3: Interviewing Prospective Designers

    Treat the first meeting with your potential designer as a two-way interview. You’ve got questions; they’ve got portfolios. It’s all laid out on the table (literally). Ask lots of questions, and be open to letting your designer guide you through the process; they have been through this numerous times and should be willing to provide you with all the information you need to make an educated decision.


    Step 4: Checking Credentials and Reviews

    Okay, so your Pinterest boards are booming with ideas, and one (or three) designers have aced the interview process. It’s verification time. Check for certifications and experience in similar projects, and, most crucially, scope out those online testimonials and Google Reviews.


    Step 5: Making the Final Decision

    Budgets have been barred, creative synergy is humming, and reviews have sung their praises. But now the ultimate decision rests on your shoulders. Go with your gut. Sure, the designer might look great on paper, but can you see yourself discussing fabric swatches with this person for the next six months?

    Heart Over Head: Just like love, sometimes you have to go with the one that tugs at your heartstrings. We’re not saying finding the right one will be easy. But it’s worth the effort, the research, and – dare we say it – the heartache. This person will help you weave your personality into your living spaces, and that’s not a job to be underappreciated. Let’s tackle this quest for home harmony and come out the other side with a sanctuary that genuinely reflects you. Follow this guide on how to find an interior designer and get the home you deserve!