How do you style your coffee table to get a curated look without feeling cluttered? This is a common question we get from our clients and we love wrapping up our design services with styling to show them exactly how to achieve this look. We want our coffee tables to look put together but they also need to be functional.


Start by picking items for your coffee table styling that contrast with the material of the coffee table itself. For example, if you have a white marble coffee table, try using items with a woven texture or a big contrast like black.

High & Low

You want your eye to move around the space and not to stay either high or low, so alternating between objects of varying heights is important. Do keep in mind the line of sight and don’t use anything too hight where you may block someone from watching tv.

Use a Tray

Use a tray to corral all the coffee table items! This instantly makes the coffee table feel more put together and less cluttered and as a bonus helps keep things like your tv remotes all together.


Make sure that you look at your coffee table from all angles and that it is balanced from each perspective. Add symmetry to make sure that one side of the coffee table does not appear to heavy or over styled compared to the other side.

Unexpected Objects

Add some unexpected objects to your coffee table and you will have instant conversation starters. Use items from your travels.